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First things first.

I must dedicate this site to my wife who tolerates me taking over our PC while working on the photos, all-be-it we have some stunning photos around our home.  Thank you my darling.  

Albums have been created in various categories that should be self explanatory. The site has  updates as and when time permits. Recent additions to the site include our views of The Lake District National Park

Watch this space for new items............ As and when time permits

Coolpics - What's it all about?

My interest in photography started when I was at secondary school and has continued over the years (don't ask how many) with breaks in how much time I have spent on it for family reasons. This in turn had stopped my use of the bathroom as a dark room and some of my interest was lost for a while.

Changes in life style have permitted photography to play a more prominent roll in my life, largely kicked off by places we have visited, my passion for diving and to record the underwater World we visit along with Jo introducing me to her passion for walking in Mountains and valleys. Taking photographs to share with friends and remind us of the breath taking beauty of this World we share is a natural inclusion for us.

Now the big change for me is using a PC to edit the photos instead of the dark room, lets face it nobody wants the bathroom converted into a darkroom for a day at a time, nor being able to open the door for five minutes or more to converse with the family are prohibitive. The quality from some of the new compact digital cameras are outstanding, some including valuable RAW files for the digital work room.

The availability of affordable digital SLR's have well and truly tipped the balance over film, taking high quality digital images which I can print on extended A3 of the roll, easily up to 1.5M long saving me having to scan 2.25 square inch transparencies for the same quality. I'm as passionate about My Nikon's as friends I have are about their Canon's - I just can't help ducking when someone points a Canon at me .......

One thing that is so easy to forget with digital is getting the exposure right, yet with instant display of results on modern cameras there is no excuse not to check and adjust settings. The best quote I have seen to date comes from Eric Cheng in the March 2005 issue of Dive magazine, "Too many digital shooters rely on post processing to make their photographs look good when, in fact, they should be working on their photography skills instead".

In the past I've been torn between the digital and film SLR's as I still find the quality of projected transparencies quite stunning, perhaps it's to do with the viewing atmosphere, darkened room and no distractions.

With the high end DSLR's out there now, film has truly been superseded.

The Coolpics (I know, it's corny) that have been uploaded to the web site have been reduced in size and quality (50Kb ish) in order that they open fast enough even on slower connection speeds, so no apologies for that.

Meet the two of us Diving or up a Mountain


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